Natural Gas

  • Approved Oil provides top-quality fuels for our residential and commercial customers.

    If you are using natural gas now or considering a switch, please choose Approved Energy and enjoy our reduced gas rates and superior service. You will pay your bills to National Grid or Con-Edison, but your rate will be lower with Approved, and you’ll have access to our full range of expert home comfort services.

  • When you receive your gas from Approved, you enjoy important advantages without sacrificing anything.


    • • The sales tax on your gas is reduced by about 40%, because unlike a utility, Approved does not tax your gas transportation expenses. The utility also reduces its transportation charge for Approved customers.
      • With Approved, you have the option to lock in your gas rate instead of being subject to monthly rate adjustments.
      • National Grid or Con-Edison delivers the gas and maintains the delivery pipelines, even when you buy from Approved.

  • The biggest advantage you get with Approved is outstanding service. We are a full-service home comfort company, and we provide expert preventive maintenance; emergency service 24 hours a day, 365 days a year; installation of advanced heating and cooling equipment; conservation advice; and the kind of friendly service you expect from a local company.
    To open a natural gas account, please call today or contact us.
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