Commercial Services

Routine Service

The team of trained, licensed technicians at Approved Oil helps businesses of all kinds conserve fuel with expert preventive maintenance and equipment tuning. A properly tuned boiler or furnace burns about 5% less fuel than an out-of-tune system does, so a schedule of regular tune-ups can lead to substantial savings over time, especially if you are heating a large space. Regular servicing also extends the life of your valuable equipment by detecting problems before they become serious and necessitate expensive repairs.

To schedule routine service, please call our office or contact us.

  • Upgrading to No. 2 Oil heat is Our Specialty!

    New York City is phasing out No. 4 and No. 6 fuel oil, and Approved Oil has the economical, clean-burning solutions that building owners need to satisfy the new regulations.

    Approved Oil installs high-efficiency commercial heating systems and adapts existing commercial systems to use cleaner-burning fuels - for much less than it costs to convert to natural gas. The fuel of choice at Approved is No. 2 oil, which has a superior track record on value and a bright environmental future.

    Approved Oil is uniquely qualified to help. With more than 70 years of experience serving NYC buildings, we have to the expertise and vision to develop customized, cost-effective solutions. We'll evaluate your existing system and provide an upgrade plan that meets your unique needs - whether that's controlling your upfront costs or investing for optimal efficiency.

We Do New York City Boiler Inspections

The New York state building code requires that owners of boilers have inspections on an annual basis. Approved Oil's certified professionals will handle all necessary paperwork and perform these inspections when they are required to ensure your boiler is up to code at all times. If you need an inspection, please call 718-238-1050 or contact us.

To find out whether you require an inspection, visit the NYC Department of Buildings Web site.


Emergency Service

Landlords and business owners can't afford extended heat outages, especially on very cold days or nights. Approved Oil provides the assurance and security that owners need by promptly providing emergency service in the metropolitan area to our commercial oil customers. We have technicians on duty or on call 24 hours a day, and they are experienced in repairing nearly every make of commercial boiler or furnace.

To request emergency service, please call our office. Do not use e-mail to contact us if you are having an emergency.

Mobile Steam Boilers

Approved Oil offers mobile steam boiler service - in a variety of styles and capacities - available throughout the NY Metro area. Our mobile boilers are well maintained and fire-tested before every delivery. Each boiler is fully piped and wired, and we provide full support 24 hours a day, seven days a week. We have boilers for a variety of fuel types, including gas and various grades of fuel oil. Our prices are competitive, and long-term use is available. For more information, call us today at 718-238-1050 or contact us.

Efficiency Testing

Efficient use of energy is particularly important in commercial properties that have large interior spaces to heat. Approved Oil Co. uses advanced diagnostic tools to test the efficiency of heating systems, and then helps owners evaluate their options. If the equipment is sound but underperforming, we can fine-tune it for improved performance. If it is obsolete and inefficient, we can help you choose a replacement system, then install it. A property owner can often save hundreds of dollars or more each month by addressing equipment efficiency.

Local Law 87 and 84 Compliance

Let Approved Oil keep you in compliance with the ever changing NYC regulations. Our staff of certified installers, engineers and expediters will keep your building out of court and fine free.

Division of Air Resources Testing

In accordance with the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency and the state D.E.C., Approved Oil offers air resources testing - a mandatory performance check of boiler emissions/pollutants performed once every three years. We will then perform any adjustments to the boiler and burner as indicated.

Conservation Advice

Saving money is essential in this economy, and energy use is a great place to start. Approved Oil Co. works closely with commercial customers to help them conserve energy and save money. We evaluate heating equipment with advanced diagnostic equipment, review our findings with the customer, and develop a conservation plan tailored to the customer's goals and preferences. You can count on Approved Oil's efficiency experts for objective advice and a helpful approach.

To request a free conservation consultation, please call our office or contact us.